Steak is the speciality at STONEAGED in Henley

Steak is our speciality!

Our steaks are presented on hot lava stones to cook as you prefer, with flavoured butter, a sauce and a side of chips included in the price.

Our steaks are provided by a local, family run butcher and come from English farms and carry the Quality Standard mark – which means that steaks are produced to higher standards than those required by law. Beef is chosen according to a strict selection process, so it is succulent and tender.

If steak is not for you, we have fish and vegetarian alternatives plus our STONEAGED thin crust, stone baked pizzas and delicious salads and pastas.

Stoneaged steaks in Henley in Arden


Chateaubriand, thick cut from the tenderloin fillet.
The name comes from a sauce which was popular in the 19th century. Perfect for sharing.

Fillet, taken from the smaller end of the tenderloin.
It is the royal of all the steak cuts, it is tender and virtually fat free! Our most popular.

Rib eye, from the lightly worked upper rib cage area.
It’s flavourful and tender, and its marbling makes it good for slow cooking on your stone.

Rump steak is a popular cut of beef taken from the backside.
It is known for its rich, meaty flavour and tender texture.

T-bone steak comes from the short loin of a cow.
A well-marbled cut consisting of the strip and tenderloin connected by a T-shaped bone. Juicy and marbled.

Prawns on the stone at Stoneaged in Henley in Arden

Our Stones

Cooking on stone is one of the oldest and healthiest cooking methods – it’s up to you if you add butter and sauce, but the dry cooking process sears in the meat’s natural flavours and every mouthful is tasty, succulent and hot right to the very end!

Lava stones at STONEAGED retain heat far longer than granite cooking slabs due to the small air pockets trapped in the lava from the slopes of Mount Etna as it cools.

WARNING! DO NOT TOUCH THE STONES – they are very hot – about 325 degrees C!

Top tip…

Chef will sear your meat before it comes to the table. When it arrives, transfer your steak, fish or veggie options onto your side plate.  Cut up smaller pieces and pop them back onto your lava stone.

Add your chosen butter and turn the food until cooked to your liking.

STONEAGED offers pasta dishes and pizzas which are extremely popular
STONEAGED pizza in Henley in Arden

Pasta and Pizza

If steak is not your thing, STONEAGED offers pasta dishes and pizzas which are extremely popular.

Or mix and match with a starter too if you fancy both!


STONEAGED Sunday Lunch

During the summer months we are serving our bar menu and Sunday lunch specials will be on the board.


Takeaway options from the menu are available including the amazing STONEAGED pizzas.

Telephone 01564 792623 to order. Collection only.

Vouchers and discounts

Telephone 01564 792623 to purchase vouchers.

Discounts are available Monday – Thursday for holders of a belocal membership.

Your big day!

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