Nigel and Maria at the White Swan in HenleyIntroducing Nigel and Maria…

After being under corporate ownership for the past 60 years the hotel is today privately owned and is managed by Nigel and Maria. After many years caught up in the rat race of the corporate world, they decided to leave the hustle and bustle of city life behind and start a new life in the pretty town of Henley-In-Arden.

Nigel, born and bred in Birmingham, has worked for 25 years designing, selling and project managing commercial kitchens for leading manufactures within the hospitality industry, although well established in his line of work, he always had desires to manage a place as incredibly beautiful as the White Swan.

Fiancé Maria, was also born and bred in Birmingham (funnily enough around the corner from where Nigel grew up!). Even more coincidentally – Nigel’s sister was Maria’s best friend 30 years ago!!!

Tourism and hospitality

The years went by and at the age of 18 Maria decided to travel and lived her adult life in Spain, working in the tourist and hospitality industry as an interpreter and translator, Maria speaks 3 languages fluently, Spanish, Italian and German. After 25 years in Spain she returned to her roots where destiny threw Nigel and Maria together again to continue their love story. The couple settled in Henley-In-Arden and out of the blue were given an amazing opportunity to do what both of them had always wished for, to run their own business. Now managing The White Swan Hotel, and enjoying every minute of it, all their interpersonal skills, passion and experience have finally found their home.

A warm welcome to you all

Nigel and Maria and all The White Swan and STONEAGED team wish to welcome you to the beautiful coaching inn to enjoy a memorable experience.

Nigel and Maria XXX