We’ll meet again!

Nigel and Maria at the White Swan in Henley

Thinking back to the 1940’s garden party!

Maria hunted through the archives to find some photographs to cheer everyone up a bit here during lockdown in Henley-in-Arden.

And the photos of the 1940’s do in the White Swan’s Secret Garden certainly brought a smile to our faces – and hope they do to yours as well.

The 1940s don't seem that strange now
The 1940s don’t seem that strange now!

These are certainly strange and difficult times – and we all need help to get through it.

We’re missing our friends and colleagues so much and hope that we will indeed all meet again very soon!

Happier times at the Henley White Swan
Happier times with friends at the Henley White Swan

In the meantime, if you have any White Swan memories, please post them on our Facebook page. They would cheer us all up!

Stay safe everyone!

Nigel and Maria…

From the Henley White Swan archives
Sunny days, good friends friends and a drink…